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06d semi hermetic reciprocating compressor carlyle - features high flow automatically reversible oil pump provides positive displacement oil lubrication crankcase venting system equalizes pressure during startup and assures oil return to sump, carlyle 06d service manual pdf download - page 1 service guide 06d 06e 06cc compressors page 2 what this guide can do for you carlyle compressor company provides this guide to aid the service specialist in proper installation service and maintenance of 06d e cc compressors, 06cc compressor carlyle compressor - features carlyle s innovative design makes it literally two compressors in one with both high and low stages built in narrow seat valve design makes it the most efficient low temp compressor on the market in both hcfc and hfc applications in the 6 1 2 hp to 30 hp ranges, nu calgon product bulletin - blending different poe brands compressor manufacturers often approve several lubricants for use in a particular compressor application part of the process of approving them is the understanding, refrigeration parts manufacturers suppliers - sourcing guide for refrigeration parts with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from and an ever growing product range your industrial equipment needs are sure to be met here