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probate definitions probate forms - clear answers to important probate questions with letter templates finished form samples, determining if a technical termination occurs - for tax purposes the termination of a partnership or an llc classified as a partnership collectively referred to here as an llc is triggered if there is a sale or exchange of 50 or more of the total interests in the llc s capital and profits within a 12 month period sec 708 b 1 b, internal revenue bulletin 2012 28 internal revenue service - final regulations under section 7874 of the code provide rules for determining whether a foreign corporation is a surrogate foreign corporation, wills estates and succession act laws publications - when a person is a spouse under this act 2 1 unless subsection 2 applies 2 persons are spouses of each other for the purposes of this act if they were both alive immediately before a relevant time and a they were married to each other or b they had lived with each other in a marriage like relationship for at least 2 years 2 two persons cease being spouses of each other for the