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what happens when women say yes to god devotional - what happens when women say yes to god devotional is a perfect daily measure of encouragement for women who desire to step forward in obedience to god s call and commands in their lives, amazon com what happens when women say yes to god six - i bought this to use in my small group at church as well as the book the dvd and the participants guide is all that is needed for an amazing study but the addition of the book takes you deeper, how to deal with a controlling husband god z gurlz bible - if you are married to a controlling husband the last thing you should do is defy him or tell him things like you can t control me i will not submit to you because you are not doing what god wants, does god answer prayers yes in four ways - do you believe god really answers prayer really and truly that god hears your personal prayers and cares enough to respond your answer to those questions probably dictates if when where and, what happens to christians who stray escape to reality - what happens to christians who stray or follow another jesus another spirit or another gospel this is not a hard question to answer because it happened in the bible the consequences of going astray are well documented yet the question is worth asking because many don t know the answer or rather they have the wrong answer, it is god who justifies desiring god - god is the one who justifies so let us fear the accusation of no one and love the good of all, what happens when you die max lucado - praise the lord some will see her a long ways off and say there she goes while others on the other side will see her and say here she comes, devote yourselves to prayer desiring god - devote yourselves to prayer keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving 3 praying at the same time for us as well that god will open up to us a door for the word so that we may speak, divorce remarriage and ministry what does the bible say - dave miller is the senior pastor of southern hills baptist church in sioux city iowa and editor of sbc voices he served as president of the 2017 sbc pastors conference he is a graduate of palm beach atlantic and swbts he has pastored churches in florida virginia and iowa, how to be patient when god makes you wait cc south bay - wait patiently for the lord be brave and courageous yes wait patiently for the lord psalm 27 14 what are you waiting on god for a husband or wife a baby of your own a prodigal son or daughter to come home, women in the scriptures concubine in judges 19 - what we can learn from her when men are wicked women suffer abuse is intolerable in the eyes of god the righteous family where husband and wife are equal partners is the greatest source of protection and empowerment for women there is